Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get To Know The Idiots That Run Your Favorite Blog!

I've wanted to post an introductory blog since Boil It First started, a "get to know your new favorite bloggers" entry, if will. I feel like we here at Boil It First are an amazing and eclectic group of weirdos and ruffians and a blog getting to know us would be an interesting and informative read.

Thankfully, tonight, a hilarious Facebook conversation was started that will help you get to know myself, Dan Majesky (our fearless leader), and that aforementioned ingenue Zach Braun quite well.

So what happens when one Boil It First staff member innocently posts on their Facebook that it's going to snow? A discussion about upper decking, fancy elephants, and alcoholic goats, of course!
The whole thing began with that. A simple status update from Z.B. of Random Old Records proclaiming his excitement for Cincinnati's forthcoming snow storm. From there, a hilarious conversation began between myself (of TRACER Magazine and Hot Half Life fame) and Dan, showrunner here at Boil It First and contributor to Top One Million.

Naturally, I didn't take kindly to being told to calm down. Instead of using my typical response of overturning the nearest table, I did my best to defend myself and introduced a goat into the mad

Our friend Tim was champ enough to read the whole thread and who can blame him for not wanting to join in madness?

All in all, this may be the last blog you read from me here on Boil It First for two reasons...

1 - True greatness has been achieved. I expect to win many a blogging award for this. It's the pinacle of internet perfection.

& 2 - Dan may never want to hear from me ever again.



  1. Honestly, the funniest thing about this is that Tim is the only person who showed up at BINGO.

    I'm still serious about getting a goat, preferably one without an addiction, who can mow my lawn and eat my trash.

  2. Personally, I thought that was a very fitting end to the saga. I thought it couldn't get any funnier when you said "Oh, my goodness" but then Tim played the trump card of being the only person to go to Mayday! After all that fuss!