Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Flower Is After You & The Monster Wants A Piece Of You, Too!.

Living in Amsterdam with his wife, Chubby, who hadn't produced a hit or released an album since '65, turned 30 in 1971. He was all grown up. Backed by an unknown Dutch psych band & Ed Chalpin, the scumbag who exploited the '64 Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight sessions, behind the board, Checker unleashed a psychedelic gospel soul testament. Fueled by grass, anger and the drive to transcend his white-bread-bubblegum-pop roots, Chubby created an LP that digs deep within his own soul and pulls out the ghosts of his past for all to witness.

Nine of the eleven tracks on this record about the moon are penned by the man himself, and he means every single word of it! Tons of Hammond goodness, Grand Funk/Terry Knight & The Pack-esque grooves, obvious Hendrix worship (there's a song called "Ballad of Jimi"), etc.

Given his squeaky clean image as the man who gave the world "The Twist," he is very wary about discussing this record with anyone. This is a cryin' shame because "Love Tunnel" is a perfect song that deserves to be played repeatedly.

Ted Clark, mastermind of the delicious 20th Century Tokyo Princess, is responsible for bringing this into my world, and now I bring it into yours! Get cozy, roast up a bone & enjoy!

Chubby Checker - "Chequered!" (1971, London)


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